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About Community Family Physicians

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Dr. Paul Gettinger, Dr. Michael McClaid, Dr. Laura Both, and Dr Jessica Laorden perform family medicine services at a privately held clinic in Bremen, Indiana.  Dr. McClaid, Dr. Both and Dr Laorden also provide obstetrics services at Community Hospital of Bremen as well as at the clinic.  We are a practice that is based on Christian principals, and we strive to be ethical, moral, and thorough in all things clinical and otherwise.  

If you have any inquiries, our staff is happy to provide you with excellent service that you will find unmatched at any other medical clinic. 

Patient Info

We accept most commercial insurances and other insurances.  For the best answers to your insurance questions, or if you are not currently a patient and wish to become a patient, please call the office at the number listed.  One of our office administrators or nurses would be happy to get you the information you need.  While our email address isn't HIPAA Compliant just yet, you may direct any general questions to  We ask that you not send any personal medical or identifying information over email for this reason.  Please call our office in these situations.  Someone from our staff will get in contact with you with an answer to your inquiry.

To schedule an appointment, leave a message for a nurse or a doctor, or to speak to our billing department, you may call the office at the number listed from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.  We typically do not close for lunch, so there is always someone to take your call.  Each doctor's schedule is a little bit different, but typically you can schedule appointments between about 8:00am and 5:00pm.  There is always at least one doctor in the office Monday through Friday should the need for a same day appointment arise.  On weekends, nights after 5pm, and holidays, you can still call the office to talk to the on-call doctor.

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